We provide premium and sophisticated logistic service systems of type JUST-IN-TIME, KANBAN SERVICE and “Services made individually for a specific client” for our business partner. This also includes e.g. KANBAN – assembly accessories, KANBAN – packages according to BOM, KANBAN – directly to a designated workplace etc.


In the 70’s of the last century a number of Japanese companies led by Toyota Motor Corporation has developed a completely different approach to inventory management, drawing on the experience of inventory control of U.S. Retail chains. The basic feature of one of those approaches, called JUST-IN-TIME = JIT (“just in time”), is a significant reduction in inventory throughout the manufacturing/trading system..

1. KANBAN SERVIS – One box system
Shelf with boxes installed at the customer. Import of goods to the customer in original manufacturer packaging. Supply shall be added to the boxes on the site. We recommend this box to the workplace or warehouse, where there is not a regular series production, but a focus of the customer is on specific production area. For this reason we provide sufficient basic coupling material, which is repeated on individual products.

2. KANBAN SERVIS – Two boxes system
Shelf with boxes installed at the customer. For the same kind always two boxes in a row with emergency supply. When the material in the front box is consumed, this box is removed by the worker and the worker takes the box from the rear position and moves it to the front. He does the opposite with an empty box. At the agreed time intervals to be determined by the customer, supplier regularly supplies empty boxes by KANBAN system 1. This system is recommended on workplace with series production with two shifts. The system eliminates the loss of production due to lack of fasteners.

3. KANBAN SERVIS – Three boxes system
Shelf with boxes installed at the customer. Three boxes for the same kind. Two boxes are placed directly in the workplace in the same way as in the Two boxes system. The third box is always full and in supplier’s stock in the event of an immediate exchange for an empty one by customer. We recommend this system for workplaces with an intensive series production in two-shift operation and continuous production. The system ensures a regular and continuous supply of fasteners and assembly and at the same time is able to cover the increase in production and its fluctuations according to the specific production situation from warehouse of supplier.

4. KANBAN SERVIS – Directly to the designated workplace
Boxes according to the specific needs of each individual are located on the individual assembly sites. Fasteners are replenished directly from the customers stock or at the request directly by the service organization at the individual workplace. This system has proved simultaneously with a combination of “One box system”, from which emergency supplies are continually replenished each workplace. We recommend this system on workplaces with a single-piece or small series production, where every worker has determined mounting location. This system can also be used in a variety of service organizations providing service and maintenance of various machinery, or its overhaul in the home workplace.

5. KANBAN SERVIS – The mounting accessories system
We prepare and deliver the whole set/packages of fasteners and other small parts (specified by agreement) for installation or assembly for your products on-site, i.e. on the individual manufacturing and assembly operations. Packaging of goods is determined and governed by the customer’s requirements. It is therefore possible to use different packaging materials for preparing and picking sets/packages such as cardboard boxes, welding in a foil, polyethylene bags with or without “zipper”, with printing and without printing, blisters, plastic boxes, containers, etc.

6. KANBAN SERVIS – packages according to BOM system
This system “copies” the system 5 in some functional parts. The difference is in the exact realization of creation “package sets” according to the bill of materials for a particular product. This leaflet set is inserted into the packaging to the product itself during the final production phase i.e. packaging and shipping of products. This material is then used for the final assembly of the final product in the place of destination, i.e. by the end-user.


Benefits of services KANBAN JIT and KANBAN SERVICE

  • quick response to customers’ requirements
  • goods in the desired quantity is stored in a designated area and the customer has permanently access to it
  • products available to the customer are stored in supplier’s stock in sufficient quantities and it is shipped in express time limits
  • goods are immediately available in sufficient quantities for 24 hours a day and 7 days per week
  • customer is billed only for an amount actually consumed
  • billing goes within the agreed time interval
  • customer does not need to closely follow the flow of inventory and can instead send a few orders per month = smaller number of incoming goods
  • it is not necessary to follow future orders
  • reduced cost of payment from transactions and accounting treatment of tax documents
  • significant reduction of possibility of errors caused by using inappropriate material during assembly
  • significant reduction in the financial flow of the customer to the acquisition of material due to the continuous reduction of inventories customer
  • overall simplification and rationalization of logistics for the commodity
  • no preferential pricing for the duration of the contract
  • check delivery notes is greatly simplified