• We are selling standard fasteners
  • We operate in Czech Republic Slovak, Poland.
  • Our customers are profiled of all industry
  • sell and manufacture and non-standard – drawing parts

We are a Czech company

without any involvement of foreign capital dealing the sale of standard fastening components mainly according to the standards of DIN-EN-ISO, DIN-EN-ISO, DIN followed by standards of AFNOR, AENOR, ASTM, PKN, GOST, LST, LSV, UNI, BSI, BSW etc.

Furthermore, the non-standard – drawing parts whose manufacture we provide according to the specific requirements of the customer.

Given our specialized activity, we are able to provide about 80,000 pieces of fasteners. Portfolio of our customers is very broad and is defined by our activity in both Czech Republic and abroad. Our customers are profiled from all sectors of industry, mostly mechanical, electrical, petrochemical, automotive, woodworking, mining, construction, aviation, shipbuilding, etc. Purchasing policy of our company is fully in line with modern European and global trends, with a focus on competitiveness on markets with low production costs. Currently, it is no longer important where the product is made because the standards specify and define the exact characteristics of the product. Together with the control mechanisms according to EN 10204, only the highest quality materials are delivered to our stores. Based on early customer’s requirement we deliver inspection certificates 2.1, 2.2, 3.1, 2.3

Specialty Products and goods at the express wish we provide exclusively from renowned European manufacturers.

When selecting suppliers we follow a particularly careful way. The supplier is released only if all legislative and quality requirements of the EU are met. All goods supplied by us comes from suppliers who have implemented a quality management system according to standards like ISO, ISO TS, VDA, QS etc.

As part of continuous improvement of the quality requirements of the market, in the past we have adopted (and constantly improved) the quality assurance system according to ISO 3269 (Scrutineer inspection of mechanical fasteners), which technicians apply to each material input into our warehouses.

Our philosophy and experience from the beginning of 1997, since when we provide this activity, is not just to be an ordinary supplier of fasteners, so we are of course providing extra services, including logistics, such as services as Kanban and JIT-KANBAN SERVICE. Supplies with Kanban system are our speciality that we have started to offer on domestic market as second, drawing on foreign experience gained from the beginning of 90’s of the last century.

This whole delivery elaborated Full Service is provided to our business partners free of charge.

We are proud that we have created a competitive and dynamically developing company without any foreign material support. Let us prove that bet on our dedicated company and a long-term business relationship between us will be the success of your investment.


Contact us, we will respond within 24 hours.

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